New inwestors, drop in unemployment rates, growing number of job offers and salaries growth- that is resonates in Pomernia's stats. Newly created Shared Service and IT...

We can tell our region draws growing interest. 2017 is bound to become a record year in this respect. At this point in time weve already managed to succesfuly accomplish 9 new investment projects, which in the near...

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The modern services such as 3D scanning and printing, reverse engineering, prototyping, thermograph measurements and many others will be implemented by the Pomeranian...

The services will be carried out within the project Potential Development of PRDA in Slupsk to provide specialized business consulting services which will be co-financed by the Operational Programme of the Pomerania...

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As the two Tri-City sea ports set their cargo handling records for the fifth year in a row, Pomerania becomes a hot location for the companies operating within TSL sector,...

Back story of the project in Pomerania
Lancaster has been active on the Polish market since many years, following the business expansion of its client base in Central and Eastern Europe, which went hand by hand...

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Changing your work place, moving to another city or region is always a huge challenge. You have to find a new apartment, school for your children, discover this new place....

Lets move to another city. The easiest way is to move to a place you know, have your favourite spots and friends you know from university times. The surveyed employees that had studied before in Tri-City...

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August 2017 - Benetel Ltd, an Irish provider of 4G/ LTE wireless radio solutions for the telecommunications market, has opened their first international office and R&D centre...

Gdynia is the right choice for Polish headquarters of a company active in the field of future-oriented technologies. The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia is a space dedicated to innovators such...

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Pomerania Development Agency, the coordinator of Invest in Pomerania initiative, is looking for 3 Specialists. Join our team!

Join Invest in Pomerania, a regional investment promotion agency whose primary aim is to attract foreign direct investments into the region. For the last 7 years Invest in Pomerania has been the top regional IPA in...

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Invest in Pomerania awarded by PAIiIZ again

On the 6th of December iPolish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) a organized a conference that summarized the passing year and the situation on the investment market. During the conference the results of certification process conducted among 16 Regional Investor Service Centres in Poland were also announced.

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Increase your chance of a good business partnership in the New Year! Let potential partners find you and sign up today for a free Pomeranian Base of Companies at Introducing a record takes just 5 minutes.

Establishing relations with Technical Universities from Ukraine and Kaliningrad Oblast

Invest in Pomerania along with partners, invites companies operating in ICT sector, to get in touch with us, when interested in establishing relations with technical universities from Ukraine and Kaliningrad Oblast.

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Investor helpline  24h   (+48) 602 22 11 83

  • zdjecia.miotk

    Kazimierz Miotk
    Chief Executive Officer,
    ADVA Optical Networking Sp. z o.o.


    ADVA Optical Networking Sp. z o. o. is a telecommunication and IT company, which has been operating in Pomerania since 2003. We operate in the field of modern technologies so it is especially...

  • zdjecie.krasowski

    Radosław Krasowski
    HR Manager
    Geoban S.A.


    Geoban Co. has been present on Pomeranian market since 2008. Initially, we employed only 40 people, but just after two months we had 150 employees working in 11 teams of banking services. Currently...

  • Michael Desmurs

    Michael Desmurs
    Managing Director Sii Gdańsk


    Sii is currently the fastest developing company in the Polish IT outsourcing and industrial engineering market. The branch in Gdansk was set up in January, 2008. Now it is the biggest and most...


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