Following global trends more and more IT companies specialize in research and development of new technologies, Intel is growing not only its conducted research and processed...

For most people Intel associates only with work on research development of new technologies. The companys recruitment offer however exceeds typical engineering positions. Gdańsk site with almost 2000 employees is...

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Just in a month, Mare Forum conference will be held in Sopot. It's one of the big world tour stops that will visit Poland for the first time.

Mare Forum will be held on September 21 at Sheraton Hotel in Sopot. During the whole day, lectures and discussion panels on the key maritime issues will be organized. The panelists will talk on such themes as the...

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First step towards Port Community System
Major Polish ports and logistics companies have been lobbying for the implementation of Port Community System. PCS is an IT platform enabling more efficient deployment of...

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Employer No.3000 just joined the Polish team of State Street, giving it the leading employment size inside the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

This achievement was only possible thanks to good reputation and strong employers brand, butli over its many years of operations in Poland.  For numerous years this was the domain of the Kraków site, and March 2016...

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"The Times" is delighted in Pomerania, PGI moves its headquarters to Gdansk, Saudi ship called into the Port of Gdansk to pick up tanks - these are the key news of the...

"The Times" is delighted in Pomerania On August 6 on the pages of the British "The Times" an article about the trip to Pomerania was published. Author described his positive experiences from Region, and even defined it as...

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Currently we don't have the swimming weather but maritime industry operates at its full capacity. Welcome to a weekly review of the most interesting events from Pomerania!

President signed the Act on activation of the shipbuilding industry
Act signed by the President is to create a legal and organizational conditions for the activation of shipbuilding industry. The proposed...

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Establishing relations with Technical Universities from Ukraine and Kaliningrad Oblast

Invest in Pomerania along with partners, invites companies operating in ICT sector, to get in touch with us, when interested in establishing relations with technical universities from Ukraine and Kaliningrad Oblast.

Mapa wizerunkowa

Pomerania Interactive map

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  • zdjecia.miotk

    Kazimierz Miotk
    Chief Executive Officer,
    ADVA Optical Networking Sp. z o.o.


    ADVA Optical Networking Sp. z o. o. is a telecommunication and IT company, which has been operating in Pomerania since 2003. We operate in the field of modern technologies so it is especially...

  • zdjecie.krasowski

    Radosław Krasowski
    HR Manager
    Geoban S.A.


    Geoban Co. has been present on Pomeranian market since 2008. Initially, we employed only 40 people, but just after two months we had 150 employees working in 11 teams of banking services. Currently...

  • Michael Desmurs

    Michael Desmurs
    Managing Director Sii Gdańsk


    Sii is currently the fastest developing company in the Polish IT outsourcing and industrial engineering market. The branch in Gdansk was set up in January, 2008. Now it is the biggest and most...


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